Regarding 403 error on Master card?


Regarding 403 error on Master card?

Hi Team

I have implemented VISA Checkout Sandbox  in my project and while payment with visa card everything is working. In case of master card it gives me error of 403.
{"code":403,"status":"PERMISSION_DENIED","message":"Access is denied to the requested resource. Client does not have sufficient permission or has been locked.","details":null}

So I need your help to apply the master card also.

Thank you.  

Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Regarding 403 error on Master card?

Hey @MiltonConnor,


I'm happy to help with your query. There's been some recent changes with Visa Checkout. At this time, the Visa Checkout team does not accept direct merchant. Please work with a partner to integrate Visa Checkout into your project.


Please refer to this list of Partners to integrate Visa Checkout: 


Please let us know if you have questions, someone will happily help.


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