Re: Connection Timed out on doMutualAuthRequest

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Connection Timed out on doMutualAuthRequest

I am using the java code for the resource "customerrules/v1/consumertransactioncontrols.

Using SOAPUI, I am able to run the REST service. But runing the testng test in java gives the connection timed out error.

I checked the authorization request header and it matches the value in SOAPUI.

I have given all the right values in properties file.



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Re: Connection Timed out on doMutualAuthRequest



Thanks for posting your question to the community forum! To further investigate the issue, can you please provide more information on the error you have received to


Some of the information you are sending to should not be posted to the public forum.


Please send the response request of the error received, screenshot and the Correlation ID to

Below are the steps to get the Correlation ID using a Google Chrome browser.
1>Open Chrome menu.
2>Click on More tools then Developer tools.
3>Check the box to Preserve Log for the Network Tab.
4>Then try to click on the add API link.
5>You can find the Correlation ID in the network log for add API call.


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