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B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

Hello, Are independent developers allowed to use the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method API ?  , for example can our website use it to create virtual cards for our clients without having to be in partnership with a bank, And is it available to African Countries like Uganda. Thank you

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Re: B2B Virtual Account Payment Method



Issuers, buyers, processors, third party payment providers or Travel agencies, can use the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method APIs. 

Note: A third party cannot implement the B2B APIs without an issuer. You can select a subset of our endpoints to code to based on your desired use case.  Once you setup an VDP account, Visa can provide you with consultative support.

With these APIs, you can automate the process of paying your suppliers. You can also request accounts with authorization controls, and use the accounts for processing the payment yourself.


Please read through the documentation in the below link for further details.