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B2B Virtual Account Payment - should supplier be integrated?


Considering B2B Virtual Account Payment Method, does the scheme mean that supplier must be integrated into the process or payment may be submitted to any, even unknown, supplier? May be it be foreign supplier?  


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Re: B2B Virtual Account Payment - should supplier be integrated?

Hello LV,


The B2B Virtual Account Payment Method involves a suite of APIs which allows you to use virtual accounts to automate the process of paying your suppliers. 

APIs Included

Supplier Service

The Supplier web service allows you to create, update, delete (disable) a supplier whom you would like to pay.

Account Management Service

The Account Management web service allows you to request accounts with specified authorization controls, manage the authorization controls on an account, get the security code (CVV2) of an account and obtain the status of an account requested from the processor.

Payment Service

The Payment web service allows you to make a BIP or SIP payment and manage it (Cancel or resend).

Single Use Account Pool Maintenance API

The Single Use Account (SUA) pool maintenance web service allows you to add, update or delete an account to an SUA proxy pool.


Regarding your question, you can use above mentioned API and CreateSupplier endpoint of the Supplier WS to create a supplier and optionally associate an account for the supplier. You can create the account directly at the processor (through the issuer) and pass it in the request.


please let us know if you have other question about this API, we are happy to assists.