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Flex Token API - How to Include Customer Information in Created Profile?

I'm attempting to rewrite some usage of the Cybersource Simple Order API using the Visa REST APIs instead.


In particular, we currently perform a single transaction to do both authorization ($0) and tokenization, passing the card information and the customer information (such as name and address), and getting back the token and authorization results.


I'm attempting to do the same thing using the Cybersource Payment API and the Flex Token API.


If I create a token using the Flex Token API, I successfully create a profile, but it only has card information, not customer information such as name and address. I also am not clear on whether it does authorization (if configured in the business center) and how it would report the results of that. Is there a way to update or include the customer information on the created profile (using the REST APIs)?


Alternatively, I can use the Cybersource Payment API to create a ($0) authorization, and that includes the card information and the customer information, but I don't see any way to use that transaction to create a profile via the API. I was hoping the result would come back with a link to create the profile, but no such luck. I do see in Business Center how to create a profile from the transaction, but not from the REST API.


Any thoughts appreciated on how we can do authorization + tokenization and get back a profile which includes customer information.

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Re: Flex Token API - How to Include Customer Information in Created Profile?

Hi Dan,


As mentioned to you through email, I am looking into the part of the question about REST API integration and will get back to you.

We have got confirmed that it is possible to store customer information on CyberSource tokens. You may manually configure this in the EBC > Payment Tokenization > Search, and click on "Modify Profile" at the bottom of the profile's detail page to see the fields you may save in the tokens.



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