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Question regarding Merchant ID

Hey guys,


I'm new to Visa developer center. I'm trying to create a project where I query the Visa database using merchant ID.

I have a few doubts regarding the merchant ID. I've searched over the internet but it seems to make me more confused than solving my doubts.

- Can a merchant have different merchant IDs? (Search results tend to say yes.)

- If the merchant can have multiple IDs, is there anything that is uniquely identify a merchant?

- Can Visa and Mastercard have the same merchant id for an individual merchant or different id?


Any help is much appreciated!




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Re: Question regarding Merchant ID



Thanks for your inquiry. To serve you better , can you please let me know which API are you planning to use ? is it Merchant Search, Locator or Measurement or any other API, so we can look into this further.


Thank you !



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Re: Question regarding Merchant ID

Im actually using both Merchant Locator as well as Merchant Search. Any explaination is appreciated.