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Certified Status in project list

Im trying to use visa checkout wallet but Im little bit confusing, please could you help me? The docs in: is not too clear for me. At: there is my project list and one column is Certificate Status, what is it? For visa checkout how can get it done? is it required? thanks
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Re: Certified Status in project list



Certificate Status tell you if you are credentials are active in Sandbox environment for those APIs which require Mutual SSL Authentication. It is usually blank for x-pay-token related APIs and for Visa checkout it will show as blank. It doesnt affect the functionality of Visa Checkout.


Details on how to use the API Key and Shared Secret are available in getting started guide in the below link. Check Authentication menu in the below link for samples connecting via x-pay-token.





Re: Certified Status in project list

So how do I get my project do production environment? I already did all the steps, but the project still in sandbox mode. thanks