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Error generating x-pay-token for cyber source product

Dear all, I followed all the steps of the link below "" And yet the error message occurs when trying to generate the x-pay-token In all my life I have never seen anything so complicated to accomplish, as well as the difficulty of communication and practical examples. It looks like it was bred to not be used. But since we know it's the only way we can use and build payment solutions, we have to submit to that. I need help completing this development process by integrating cybersource process payments into the product. The return when calling the api according to the above link is: { "responseStatus": { "status": 401, "code": "9159", "severity": "ERROR", "message": "Token validation failed", "info": "" } }

I hope someone can help you understand the problem.


Re: Error generating x-pay-token for cyber source product


Do you have your request screenshot and your url call? Thank you