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Hi, we want to build a payment gateway in/For Madagascar and want to know, what is the requirements for accepting visa card payment?

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Re: Visa Checkout

Hello rexprice,


Currently, Visa Checkout has limited availability and is not available for use in Madagascar. VCO is available for use in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. Please check back for updates on availability in the future.


To see availability of our Visa Checkout API, please see our API Availability Matrix by navigating to this link -, and make sure to click on CEMEA for accurate information on your region.




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Re: Visa Checkout

Hey @rexprice - did you have any more questions here? @DianaTran-Yee and I are here to help.


If not, feel free to accept here response as a solution so any other devs can see the response.