Configure Two-way SSL with openSSL and Test on Postman


Before you can test Visa APIs in our sandbox, you need to establish a secure connection through Two-Way SSL. But, how do you do this from generating your own CSR? 

Watch our two-way ssl webinar for a hands on guide on how to establish a connection by generating your own CSR plus watch us test the connection using Postman and end the session with a live Q&A. It’s a topic many of you have asked for us to do so don’t miss out.  Plus hear from Visa Dev Evangelist Shaina Wan answer questions from devs during our Q&A.




Here’s what you can expect:


  • A breakdown of which Visa APIs require Two-Way SSL connection
  • Live coding of us configuring two-way SSL keystore by generating a unique CSR
  • Steps for how to test the connection Using Postman