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New Videos Added to the Getting Started Guide

Community Manager

You can now watch videos to get quickly started with the authentication methods supported by Visa Developer.


Two-Way SSL

  • Watch this video, as we walk you through getting credentials to start building with Visa APIs using Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication). Two-Way SSL is one of the security methods that Visa uses. It does SSL handshake twice; once with the server and once with the client. This video covers how to obtain a private key, client certificate, and Visa Developer certificate authority root certificate, as well as how to bundle the certificates into keystores, using Java keytool or OpenSSL.


API Key – Shred Secret (x-pay-token)

  • Some Visa APIs require API Key – Shared Secret authentication or x-pay-token. Watch this video as we cover this path to receiving credentials needed for some Visa Developer APIs. This video walks you through invoking Visa APIs using x-pay-token as well as steps to generating x-pay-token.

For videos, refer to the Getting Started Guide > Authentication


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