More information on error - VP_ERROR_306


More information on error - VP_ERROR_306



I was wondering if I can get more information on this error I'm getting when running 

visaPushProvisioningInterface.startCardProvisioning(context, params)


  "code": "VP_ERROR_306",
  "correlationId": "43F8C478E42248EEB237263F28BBA25F_VMCP",
  "description": "Google Pay could not add your card to the wallet.",
  "type": "GoogleWalletCreationFailed"



I'm wondering why Google Pay can't add my card to my wallet.

Thank you!


Re: More information on error - VP_ERROR_306

Just to add a few more details to this - I'm using Google Pixel 6, I have Google Wallet installed. I already opened it, it has Google Pay as my default, I have another card on the app, so the reason from documentation doesn't seem to be the right one



If the user has never signed in into Google Pay, the process will attempt to login into Google Pay and create a wallet ID; any failure during this process or if the user cancels the Sign-in will result in this error.

The user can fix this manually logging into Google Pay wallet for the first time on the device.


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Re: More information on error - VP_ERROR_306

Thank you for your question, @mihaildu. An agent will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community member knows the solution, please reply to this thread!