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Transaction Emulator usage


I'm trying to use CTC sandbox API. I successfully registered a card with /vctc/customerrules/v1/consumertransactioncontrols and added controls to it. Now I'm trying to emulate transactions using the Transaction Emulator but when I click on emulator "submit" button I get the following error : "Invalid Request ( Note : Please make sure to register the card using run time API calls before using it in emulator. )".

As I successfully registered a card through CTC API the problem seems to be outhere. 


Can you help me please?

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Re: Transaction Emulator usage


Same as before, try using the test data for your Visa Developer application available in the Dashboard under test data in the left navigation, this will ensure you are using valid data that has been provisioned for specific scenarios.


Let me know!


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Re: Transaction Emulator usage

Hi Ricardo,

As I said through email support that's what I did yet: I used data coming from the test data. Let's continue this conversation by email.