Payment Service Provider (Similar to Stripe)

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Payment Service Provider (Similar to Stripe)

Hi everyone,

I am Adhitya, Founder of QuickPay I am making a payment service provider for developers to integrate on their sites. I have a few doubts,

1) To whom does the AcquirerCountryCode and AcquirerBIN correspond to the payment service provider i.e my company account or the account of my client business/company who has integrated my payment service provider.

2) How does the money flow work like i want to take payment from the consumer put a cut of it in my account and the rest to my clients account.How should I go about it ?

3) How does one accept international payments , is there anything special to be done for that ?
i tried going through the Glossary and Developer Docs to understand completely but still confusion remains. For now I have implemented both Push and Pull transaction API with Payment Account Validation as well.
Right Now I am taking the AcquirerCountryCode and BIN as a blackbox variable.
Please help.
Much appreciated!
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Re: Payment Service Provider (Similar to Stripe)

Hi, @adhityamahajan. Thank you for your questions! Our agent will get back to you with more information as soon as possible. If anyone else has any ideas to share, feel free to jump in to help Adhitya-Jenn

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Re: Payment Service Provider (Similar to Stripe)

Hi @adhityamahajan,


Apologies for the late reply! Please see the answers to your questions below:

1)The AcquirerCountryCode and AcquirerBin correspond to your company account 

  • AcquirerCountryCode= 3 digit numeric country code for the country of BIN under which your Visa Direct solution is registered
  • AcquirerBin= BIN under which the Visa Direct solution is registered (must match info provided during enrollment)

2) You can do this with the Funds Transfer API. MultipPushFunds allows you to push funds to multiple Visa accounts simultaneously. 


3) Visa Direct has global reach via integrated payment rails and partnerships with global acquirers. For more information on Visa Direct, please visit the Visa Direct Getting Started page; for more information on global payments, please visit this page.