Setting up my services


Setting up my services

I am not a developer but an Author/creator of meditation eBooks and guides... I am a Canadian citizen visiting Rwanda on business vacation, setting up my "Air-B&B Guesthouse & Safari Tourism services"...  Visa and other major credit cards are accessible for my Air-b&b business but to only make deposit to my Canadian bank accounts, i need the cross border service to deposit to my Rwanda Bank accounts to keep taxable income separate so I need to implement this service.

I have applied to use visa processing checkout for the following services...

- Visa processing checkout Mobile & desktop, for receiving online payments for my Air-B&B Guesthouse & Safari Tourism services...

- Setup Visa payment checkout forms one time purchases for download digital files" eBooks & meditation guides

- Onboarding membership sign up payment processing, monthly with recurring payments

On my website, and setup a buy button on product pages /blogs link to social media & site post...

Please advise on how to setup these forms preloaded with the required API-KEYS Both public and secret for processing..

Thank you

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Re: Setting up my services

Thank you for reaching out, @Asupreme! An agent will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community members know a solution, then please feel free to reply to this thread.