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Account Name Inquiry

The documents for Payment Account Validation ( refers to Account Name Inquiry (ANI) and does not reference geographical and/or general availability.   I note the reference to AVS and CVV2 in UK; but nowhere in the docs that I can see does ANI get referenced specifically.  I have tried emailing developer@ regarding this but no reply. 

The sandbox test data contains no reference to test names either. 


If I send the following to with MLE enabled:-


  systemsTraceAuditNumber: '743720',

  cardCvv2Value: '022',

  primaryAccountNumber: '4895070000003551',

  retrievalReferenceNumber: '015221743720',

  cardExpiryDate: '2040-10',

  addressVerificationResults: { street: '900 Metro Center Blv', postalCode: '94404' },

  cardHolderNameVerification: { lastName: 'Test', firstName: 'John' }



The response returns an empty result for cardHolderNameVerification.Result




Please advise the availability of ANI,  is it alpha/beta/GA and are card issuers likely to support it or is it enforced?  A very useful service to prevent third party payments within the financial services industry if it is available. 






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Re: Account Name Inquiry

Thank you for reaching out, @timhuckle! An agent is looking for a solution for you and will get back with you shortly! If any community members know a solution, please feel free to respond in this thread.

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Re: Account Name Inquiry

Hi @timhuckle


Thanks for your patience- I will look into this with the product team and get back to you.