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DCVV2 API - API References and results



First, I wanted to ask about the Authenticate API results on the Sand Box, because if I enroll with request data shown on API References, and then Inquiry, it always show as enrolled=false.


And second, I just want to mention that on DCVV2 Generate API Reference the response have some strange values, on the dCVV2ItemList filed, the object type is dCVV2GenerationResponse that is same as the actual 201 response object, so I had to look at 201 example response to get the real object that is going on that List. 


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Javier Sivack
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Re: DCVV2 API - API References and results

Hi, @JavierSivackThanks for reaching out! Our agent is looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible. -Jenn

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Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: DCVV2 API - API References and results

Hi @JavierSivack,


Thanks for bring this to our attention. I am checking with our dCVV2 API product team and will get back soon.


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