Ressource Not found


Ressource Not found

Hi Visa support,

I'm struggling for some weeks to process a simple authorization! why it's so complicated?

  • I've managed to allow VISA to generate a CSR for me and the private key, but using both of them with "Visa Developer Center Playground", I have the error:

{"responseStatus": {
"severity": "ERROR",
"code": "9125",
"message": "Authentication failed",
"status": 401,
"info": ""

The endpoint is :

Remark: The certificate generated by VISA (cert.pem) has a 1KB size is it normal?


  • I've tried using my own private key and certificate generated by OPENSSL and I've set correctly the MLE credentials (Key ID, public and private key). When I did the test at the same endpoint like the previous one I have the error: 

{"errorResponse": {
"details": {"message": "Error in processing request, Please Contact Visa Inc."},
"status": "404 NOT_FOUND"

Hereafter the request Payload :

"acctInfo": {"primryAcctNum": {
"panExpDt": "2025-12",
"pan": "4059540001000007"
"cardAcceptr": {
"clientId": "1VISAGCT000001",
"crdAcptrPhn": "1 4155552235",
"pymtFaciltrId": "52014057",
"crdAcptrCtryCd": "US",
"crdAcptrNm": "ABC Supplies",
"visaMrchId": "52014057",
"mrchCatgyCd": "4814"
"riskAssessmntData": {
"traExmptn": "true",
"delgtdAthntctn": "true",
"trustdMerchntExmptn": "true",
"scpExmptn": "true",
"lowVlExmptn": "true"
"freeFormDescrptnData": "freeformdata",
"msgIdentfctn": {"correlatnId": "12bc567d90f23e56a8f00D"},
"verfctnData": {
"cvv2Data": {"value": "321"},
"billngAddr": {
"postlCd": "12345",
"addrLn": "PO Box 12345"
"msgTransprtData": "anyroundtripinfo",
"transctn": {
"eComData": {
"cavv": "0100000000000165FD1F99011589904056830000",
"eciCd": "5",
"xid": "EEC4567F90123A5678B0123EA67890D2345678FF",
"digitalGoods": "true"
"posData": {
"panEntryMode": "OnFile",
"panSrce": "VCIND"
"localDtTm": "2016-11-25T01:02:03",
"tranAmt": {
"amt": "123.45",
"numCurrCd": "840"
"aciCd": "R",
"marketSpecificDataIdentifier": "B",
"tranDesc": "transactiondescription"


Could you please help on thius issue?

Thank you,


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Re: Ressource Not found

Thank you for reaching out, @jowilfrid! An agent is looking into this and will get back to you shortly! Until then, if any community members know a solution, please feel free to share it with Jowilfrid here. -Jenn