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Hi everyone


I need to understand the transactional flow using Apple Pay?



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Hi, @mauricio_floresThank you for your question! Our agent will get back to you with more information as soon as possible. If anyone else has any information that may help, feel free to reply here. -Jenn

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Re: Apple Pay

Hi @mauricio_flores,


Please refer to the Visa In-App Provisioning API documentation here: 


Visa In-App Provisioning currently supports Universal Card Enrollment and In-App Provisioning for Apple Pay1, Google Pay2 or Samsung Pay3.


Universal Card Enrollment API enables Visa clients to digitally register accounts with Visa in real time. Once registered, client developers receive back a universal card identifier, that can be used inter-operably for accessing certain other Visa services like Visa In-App Provisioning without directly having to handle sensitive PAN data or without having to re-register and maintain card data repetitively across multiple Visa products in the future. 


In-App Provisioning API enables clients to request encrypted card data using the universal card identifier from Universal Card Enrollment API. Clients can pass this encrypted card data payload to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet for tokenization. This token then becomes active on the Pay Wallet and is pushed to the consumer's device.





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