How to link visa card with visanet


How to link visa card with visanet

Dear, please help me on how to connect a visa card with visanet and please provide a link to the application for mobile phone           

The VISAcheckout , thank you very much for your attention.

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: How to link visa card with visanet

Hi @31


If you're looking for Payment Methods APIs to integrate with VisaNet, please go to our Browse All Product Documentation page. 


If you're looking for direct access to VisaNet, we suggest you to check the Visa Payments Processing APIs. I've provided VPP documentation links below.

Visa Payments Processing Overview

Visa Payments Processing Documentation


To get in contact with someone about your VisaNet account inquiry, please fill out the Contact Visa Form below, fill it out with what type of entity you are, ask your question and then click submit.


Visa Checkout is now Click To Pay. You can refer to its documentation here.



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