Deliver the Commerce Experiences of Tomorrow

Matt Smith  

Visa VP of Platform Strategy

Matt D. Smith is the Vice President of Platform Strategy at Visa. In his role, Matt is responsible for leading product strategy for the Visa Developer Platform, opening the use of Visa capabilities as the industry’s premier commerce and payments enabling platform.  The Visa Developer Platform provides clients and partners simplified access to many of Visa’s most in-demand products and services through an open network of Visa APIs.  Matt oversees the Platform Strategy team who works to define and evangelize the platform to enable clients and partners to transform great ideas into payments innovation. 

You’ll be hearing from Matt Smith, about Visa's takeaways from a user experience study by Forrester Consulting*—and how partnering with companies can help remove user friction with actionable insights from advanced analytics.   




You want to develop amazing experiences for your users. But according to the Forrester study, less than 50% of companies feel they are applying data insights to improve their businesses in a very effective way. Watch this webinar to hear more as Matt covers:


  • Results from Forrester’s latest study on data analytics and customer experience
  • The commerce applications for data insights, predictive engines, and machine learning
  • How leveraging partners can accelerate data intelligence impact

*Deliver the Commerce Experiences Of Tomorrow, a January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Visa.