Just in: New Loyalty and Offers API- Visa Card Eligibility Service

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Visa Card Eligibility API enables you to check eligibility to offers and benefits based on the customer’s card numbers.


The Visa Card Eligibility Services is a card number verification service designed to promote targeted distribution of Visa card benefits.


For example, if you are a merchant, this API allows you to create an offer program. You can then set eligible criteria for the offer and when a customer wants to redeem the offer, the merchant will make a call to verify the cardholder has access.


This API provides an easy way to check if the card meets a complex set of eligibility criteria providing access to premium offers or benefits.


Make sure to check out the product guides and documentation to get more information.


This API is available for issuers, acquirers, merchants, payment service providers, system integrators, commerce platform providers, issuer service providers and developers! Happy Coding! 


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