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  • Transaction Data

    Hi,I am new to VISA developers so please bear with me if my question is trivial, but I couldn't seem ...

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  • "userKey" parmeter in Enroll Customer API

    For the Enroll Customer API, I set the value of "userKey" parmeter as unique string of user(such as ...

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    Hello !Hope You Are Doing Well !Please Help me  I'm using Visa api in ANDROID APP .. but result ...

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  • A Developer's Journey Through the Visa Developer Center

    [New to the payments space, Devang decides to check out Visa Developer APIs to see whether the portal will be a good fit for his application idea. Below, he documents his experience.]   “I’ve always wanted to create a payment app. My idea was t ...

  • What is Mutual Authentication?

    Mutual Authentication, also commonly referred to as Two-Way Authentication or Two-Way SSL, refers to the combination of both Server and Client Authentication. The authentication is mutual, or two-way, because the server is authenticating itself to th ...





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