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  • Test Question

    We have just finished the development of a very important project, we were building a mobile payment ...

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  • Installments

    Is it possible to provide the isntallment buying if there is such service provided by credit card is ...

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  • Supplier Locator vs Merchant Locator/Search API

    I am having trouble understanding the difference between the online Supplier Locator tool and the Me ...

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  • Hack Your Way to a Smarter City with Visa and Marqeta

    By Ahmed Siddiqui, VP of Product Management at Marqeta   The Smart City of the future offers ample challenges. Take mass transit systems, for example. They can get us most of the way from our homes to our destinations, but typically not all the ...

  • Reducing Risk: TLS 1.2 Mandatory Upgrade Details

    “Let security be part of your development practice”   What is TLS?   TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security.” It provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. It is used to authenticate one or both applicatio ...





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