Accelerate Your Fintech Startup With Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program

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Fintech Overview

In recent years, there has been an explosion of technology usage in finance, including payment processing, remote check deposits, bill pay, contactless payments, investment management, home loans, appraisals, contract management and insurance claims.  Consumers, businesses and financial services firms are all users of solutions created by combining software, hardware and data in new and inventive ways. Financial technology, often referred to as Fintech, includes all software (applications and algorithms) and hardware involved in money management.  Technologies we see today include: internet of things (IOT), bots, block-chain, voice-enabled transactions and even augmented or virtual reality. The number of fintech start-ups has proliferated rapidly in the past decade, and the market continues to grow in response to consumer and business demand.


What is Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program?

The Visa Fintech Fast Track (FTFT) program is a collaboration with leading companies who provide services across the payments spectrum – from card issuance, to push payments integration, to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) support.  Fast Track is an accelerated program with dedicated support and is the quickest way to onboard with Visa.  By providing tools and expertise this program allows fintech companies to quickly bring payment solutions to market for card programs and real-time money movement.  Once approved, the benefits top marketing solutions, risk and fraud expertise and VisaNet, the company’s global payment network.  Approved partners will have support services to help develop strategy, manage their portfolio, and launch their product.  Visa’s relationships with enablement partners expedite the onboarding process and approved Fast Track partners will have access to exclusive resources, free trials for select solutions and preferred terms with Visa’s referral partners. 


Program Requirements

There are requirements a company must meet to be considered for the Visa Fintech FastTrack Program.  A prospective company must be a registered corporation in its region, in good financial standing, not an existing Visa member, new to card issuance and have raised at least a Series A or $1M+ (USD) in funding to apply.   If you believe that you meet the criteria, please begin by applying here. After you apply, the application will be reviewed against the above stated criteria.  Once approved, your company can begin an onboarding process with Visa and proceed to implement and test your solution.


Visa Fintech Fast Track Partners

Visa assesses financial institutions interested in becoming fintech BIN sponsors for the Fintech FastTrack Program using a structured set of relevant criteria that provide fintechs approved for the Visa fintech Fast Track Program with a set of BIN sponsors to choose from.  

As examples, we highlight two fintechs that are part of the Visa Fast Track Program:


  • AID:Tech – Their core offering, Kare, is a platform enabling instant disbursements to Survivors of disasters via Digital ID.  Kare has a Dashboard that allows application and user management and Survivor Wallet, an app that allows users to find resources nearby using GPS and receive funds for necessities using Apple Pay and Google Wallet.  AID:Tech partners include Home Depot, Algorand Foundation, SVDP-USA Disaster Services, Amazon business and Walmart, as well as Visa.


  • Nmible – They are a provider of clinical trial participant reimbursement solutions for the Life Sciences industry.  Nmible’s software enables secure expense payments directly to participants’ bank accounts and the Nmible mobile app allows participants to track theirs visits and expense information within a portal.  By eliminating the need for physical cards or checks for reimbursement, Nmible is able to offer participants reimbursements with more transparency, fewer limitations, and faster payouts.

Summing up Your Opportunity

Partnering with Visa increases your available connections and helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fintech service.   Visa collaborates with fintechs, digital banks and fintech enablers across the globe. Read case studies about how we assist to pioneer new modes of commerce and new ways to pay.

Visa, with over 4.1B cards worldwide, in over 200 countries and territories, over 80M merchant locations and a total volume of $14.1T as of 2022 [1], values partnerships and will support your fintech business to grow and scale over time. If you have an idea but are unsure where to start or are unsure if you should apply, please contact us.  


Blog Written by guest contributor Carolyn Darity


Sources: [1] Visa Annual Report 2022,


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