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By Nitin Chandel,  SVP, Developer Platform.


Welcome to Visa Developer. This is the beginning of your journey to reinvent commerce. I am confident this will become one of your favorite resources to build, collaborate, create and help shape the way the world shops and pays.


Visa Developer was created in collaboration with our clients and partners. Developers at Visa, banks, retailers and technology companies tested our easy to sign on portal, tools and documentation. The result, we believe, will accelerate the creation of innovative payment solutions and the migration to digital commerce.




Visa Developer consists of the following:


  • A web portal providing a single-entry point for getting access to Visa’s capabilities.The portal provides documents, sample code, reference projects, community interactions, announcements, customer support, and blogs from thought leaders. Everything you need to start building your payment applications and solutions.


  • An infrastructure consisting of sandboxes, test data, detailed logging, and strong analytics. Once you start building your project, our helpful developer tools and resources will help optimize your coding time to the bare minimum.


  • A core set of APIs enabling you to develop diverse workflows. Mash-up these RESTful APIs with each other or 3rdparty APIs to begin building your value proposition.


Join us in our pursuit to displace cash and bring the security, convenience, and global reach of digital commerce to consumers, banks, merchants, businesses and governments everywhere.


Let’s Build Together!




I am glad to present the first release of Visa Developer with:


  • Single-sign on for all APIs and access to sample code to make it easier for you to get started.
  • Sandbox for all the capabilities to make sure that you can test your solutions faster.
  • APIs that span key Visa assets: 
    • Fund Transfer
    • Merchant Checkout
    • Tokenization
    • Mobile Location Confirmation
    • Alerts
    • Visa Consumer Transaction Control


You can use these to create workflows like Peer-peer payment, Push payments, Merchant checkouts, Secure payments through tokenization, Domestic/International remittance, Bill payments, M-Commerce, and more.


On the back-end, we have resources to help you with questions you may have. We aim to provide you with prompt responses to questions or issues you encounter.


Our mission is to help you build your products using Visa APIs as fast as possible and here is how!




Over the next few months, we will:


  • Expose more Visa Capabilities to you through RESTful APIs.
  • Provide you with more sample code and reference Apps that enable you to build your products even faster.
  • Enhance end-to-end testing through integrated sandbox and certification environment.
  • Tools to enable an easy transition from sandbox to production.
  • Launch more community features including developer forums
  • Create a marketplace to showcase your innovations




I seek your feedback on making this platform most useful/effective for you. Please send in your feedback and we will review every feedback and take appropriate actions. We will keep releasing every month (or more often) in order to delight you and get your products to your customers as fast as possible.


Thank you and let’s build together.



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