July Visa Dev Spotlight: SmartCard Marketing Systems

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This month our spotlight goes to the team at SmartCard Marketing Systems, @granular-smart


Q: Tell us a little bit about SmartCard – what is it all about? What are you solving for?


[SmartCard]: We are the team at SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG), which is an entrepreneurial FinTech and PayTech Co. with a proprietary portfolio of Cloud and Mobility applications that specializes in Marketplaces enabling Merchants and Consumers for Visa Member Issuers, Acquirers and Enterprises with a multi-merchant tenant network.


Our solutions provide full interoperability with Visa Cybersource and Visa Direct API’s for Visa Members simplifying Digital onboarding of merchants and customers and seamless eCommerce and mobility payment acceptance.


Q: What technologies are you using to build your solution?


[SmartCard]: We offer a wide spectrum of tools for offering Digital EKYC with Biometrics, QR, Tokenization, OCR, OTP, Two-way Authentication, Semi-Integrated APPs to EMV mPOS Devices, Blockchain, Frequency Emitting technology, Beacon proximity, Geo-Location, Cross border real-time FX trades and settlements including China, Digital Rewards and Currencies to name a few.


Q: Any major successes you would like to share?


[SmartCard]: We have developed a Merchant and Consumer Marketplace enabling Cybersource and Visa Direct in one ecosystem for Retail & Transit industries in the Philippines and North America; Ride Booking & Digital ID Key for South East Asia, including Banking Remote Deposit solutions for North America. Our most recent, a Cross-border FX solution on Payment rails onboarding for 42 Countries with integrated Visa Card rails for top-up and card transfer payments.


Q: What is SmartCard currently working on? Which Visa APIs does it leverage?


[SmartCard]: We are currently developing solutions for Retail Epos marketplace with Customer Wallet, Cross-border Payments with FX, and integrating e-billing, e-escrow & e-commerce. Additionally, EKYC with Digital KEY ID solutions with Blockchain permission-based transaction architecture. We have recently completed integrations of Visa Cybersource and Visa Direct across all our major platforms;


  • Genoroocity.com

  • Granularchain.com

  • Axepay.com

  • Virtuo ( a host gateway leveraging the VISA’s API’s in our gateway to provide payment into our portfolio of platforms


Q: What brought you to the Visa Developer Center?


[SmartCard]:  SMKG’s platforms are equipped to provide end to end solution for Banks, Financial Institution, Telecoms, and Organizations across the globe with payment rails. With Visa Developer center API’s, Visa Ready, and Fintech Fast-track program collaboration, SMKG gets an opportunity to reach out to major markets enabling digital transformation for various industries.


The Visa developer API integration ensures tapping the global market giving an edge to address the gap that is currently existing in the industries. This partnership is a win-win for Organizations, Visa, and SMKG. With SMKG’s ‘Brand As your Own’, customers can use the technology as their own with the least Capex ensuring digital transformation at a faster pace focusing on Business Continuity during these enduring times.


Q: How has the team handling COVID-19 pandemic’s impact to the workplace?


[SmartCard]: We have been working all remotely from home and immediately realized that the need for the same practices would be best for our customers. This has allowed us to expedite enhancements needed for virtualization and business continuity at a faster pace.


Q: What do you love most about coding?


[SmartCard]:  The ability to transform concept and design to a digital reality transforming businesses and peoples daily lives.


Q: Can anyone from the team remember the first thing built with code? What was it and how did that feel?


[SmartCard]: The first memorable event was the introduction of NT (Microsoft’s Networking Solution) and developing an inventory database management solutions for Multi-Location Retailers.


Q: What’s the most exciting thing about being a developer in the payments industry?


[SmartCard]: The obstacles between what is possible vs what is the target and the complex layers to achieve a successful and compliant product for the industry.


Q: What is coming next for the SmartCard team?


[SmartCard]: We are currently collaborating and partnering with major cloud distributors across the world. Currently, we have a cloud resellers network developed in India, Middle East, Africa, SAARC, and EU region.


This partnership allows us to reach major industries giving us an edge and a go-to-market strategy through the existing sales ecosystem, an entry point allowing us to capitalize on the existing relationship of our partners.




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