Preparing for Eight-Digit BINs

Community Manager

Did you know that Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) are changing? The payment business is growing at a rapid pace, in part due to innovation. This growth has put pressure on the industry to ensure ecosystem availability of BINs for future opportunities. In response, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has expanded the length of the issuing BIN from six to eight digits to address a diminishing supply. Visa supports this industry change and has mandated that Visa clients (acquirer and processor) must be able to support the new issuing BIN length effective April 2022.


Visa Developers that use the first six-digits of the Primary Account Number (PAN) in these applications and services may experience a number of impacts, including failed transactions, longer resolution times and increased costs to complete transactions if your systems aren’t able to handle the new eight-digit issuing BIN format by April 2022. It is critical to assess if your services and back-end systems are utilizing six-digit issuing BINs, and work with your Visa partners to understand any needed changes to ensure readiness by April 2022.


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