Visa Chart Components (VCC) are now Open-source!

Community Manager

We're excited to share our library of data experience components, which we call Visa Chart Components (VCC). VCC is an accessibility focused, framework agnostic set of data experience design system components for the web. VCC attempts to provide a toolset to enable developers to build equal data experiences for everyone, everywhere.


VCC provides:

  • A design systems approach to data visualization.
  • A focus on the accessibility of each component’s end user experience.
  • Multi-framework “build once, use everywhere” implementation.


We put a lot of time into creating components which enable Visa products and leveraged several open source libraries in doing so. Thus, we want to contribute back to this community by open sourcing Visa Chart Components as well. Your situation may require different or modified requirements, but we invite you to look at what we use and potentially even enable you to contribute to more accessible data experiences for everyone!


Get all the information you need about Visa Chart Components here and the source code can be found on Visa’s GitHub.


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