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CSR Verification

Hi there, 


I'm trying to verify my CSR for Visa checkout so I can promote my project, but I haven't had any luck. Been using openssl and filling in the necessary info, however, when using Visa's CSR UID I keep getting an "invalid CSR UID" message. If anybody's done this, please help Smiley Very Happy


Thanks !

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Re: CSR Verification



Thanks for posting your question to the Visa Community Forum. If you are currently in Sandbox then the UID is not needed in the CSR while the project is in Sandbox.


To generate/create a CSR, please follow the getting started guide The instructions provided on how to generate/create a CSR file is in chronological order. Please follow the getting started guide and on the left navigation guide, select Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) This guide will walk you through on how to auto generate the CSR or create your CSR.


Please let me know if you have other questions.


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Re: CSR Verification

Hi Alex,

Please refer the documentation Diana has advised in her reply.

Also make sure following is the format of your openssl command when generating the CSR file.


You have to include all the parameters, subject details in to the single line command.

Also please note that there is "-PROD" as a suffix to UID value.



Openssl req -new -key C:\TestPrivateKey.pem -out C: \TestCSR.pem -subj "/" -config "C:\temp\openssl.cnf"





Re: CSR Verification

Hello, I am also having this issue. I tried with different solution for the web again and again. But, Its constant that, I am having this error. I am stuck now. Please provide any relevant solution mybkexperience. Thanks in advance.