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[Documentation Mistake] Amount | Pull Funds Request

Below is the amount field as it appears in relevant documentation:

decimal | Length: totalDigits 12, fractionDigits 3 (minimum value is 0)
The amount of the transaction, inclusive of all fees you assess for the transaction, including currency conversion fees. If the originator is populating the surcharge or foreignExchangeFeeTransaction field, they must be included in the amount field.


As you can see, it states that the minimum value is 0.
However, when I utilize the VISA Sandbox API and input 0 as value, it errors out:

{"errorMessage": "API Validation Error: 3001. Mandatory field 'Amount' is missing or has invalid content."}

If there is anything I am overlooking, then kindly clarify.
If the API documentation is incorrect, then kindly update that the minimum value is 0.01
If the VISA Sandbox is incorrect, then kindly fix it.


Visa Dev Moderator

Re: [Documentation Mistake] Amount | Pull Funds Request



Thanks for catching that and informing the developer community forum. The API does not accept the amount of 0 in sandbox even though the documentation states that 0 is the minimum value allowed.


I'll work on getting that fixed and please let us know if you have other questions.


Thank you,


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