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QR generation for iOS

Hi there,

I would like to generate QRcode for merchant app.

I see iOS mVisa SDK can ganarate QRCode, however, it is a GUI built-in, I would like to ganarate QRCode image only and use it for our app.

I also see "QR Utility SDK", but it is for Android.


Currently, I can genarete the QRCode, but it seems that the CRC is not correct. I am using this:

 My QRString: 00020101021202164311190000119821520415205303356540515.815802IN5903KFC6006MUMBAI6304e378


Could you please help provide a method to calculate CRC for iOS.


Thank you,

Hiep Nguyen

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Re: QR generation for iOS

Now I resolved my problem. I used different CRC algorithm from Visa does. 


Re: QR generation for iOS

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Re: QR generation for iOS



I would like to ask if how did you get the string of the generated QR code? I'm also implementing that feature on our app, and my problem is, i can't get that string, it only display on logs. Thank you.