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Regarding Forex rates

In Postman , I am trying to fetch data from api but I am not able to do so. 


I think something is missing either the header or body that is failing request.


I always get this response 


"responseStatus": {
"code": "9124",
"severity": "ERROR",
"info": "",
"status": 400,
"message": "Expected input credential was not present"


I have added desired headers to request . 



Authorization:base64 encoded useridSmiley Tongueassword


Can someone help here? 





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Re: Regarding Forex rates

Hi @relsell,


This error usually occurs when the client certificates are not sent.

  • Keystore is not setup. Certificates are not in the keystore
    • For java keystore (jks) run keytool command and verify all the certificates have been imported on the keystore
      • keytool -list -v -keystore keystore.jks
    • For a p12 execute the following openssl command:
      • openssl pkcs12 -info -in keyStore.p12
  • Client certificates not sent along with the request because of networking issues on the client side
  • In SOAPUI check File->Settings->SSL Settings and make sure the KeyStore and KeyStore Password are populated in Soap UI (Refer to photo attachment Picture 1_Keystore_Password)
  • Check SSL Info Tab in SOAP UI Response and verify you have a Local Certificate 1 , Local Certificate 2 followed by Peer Certificate 1 and Peer Certificate 2 (Refer to photo attachment Picture 2_Certificates)
  • Usually occurs when the incorrect method is used for example GET instead of POST.

    • Verify Raw tab in SOAP UI and check the method (Refer to photo attachment Picture 3_Check method Post)
  • In addition to that, if you are using SOAP UI, please make sure to select "Authenticate pre-emptively" under "Auth (Basic)" tab (Refer to photo attachment Picture 4_Authenticate preemptively).

  • Also, please double check in the request raw tab that the "Authentication Basic" is present (Refer to photo attachment Picture 5_Authentication Basic). 

Please follow the getting started guide and read the Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) guide:   


If you continue to get this issue, please provide us the correlation ID and we can further investigate the issue.

Below are the steps to get the Correlation ID using a Google Chrome browser.

1>Open Chrome menu.

2>Click on More tools then Developer tools.

3>Check the box to Preserve Log for the Network Tab.

4>Click on the error and go to the Headers.

5>You can find the Correlation ID in the network log.





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Re: Regarding Forex rates

Hi @relsell,


I was not able to attach Picture 5_Authentication Basic in the previous post, so here it is. Please refer to this photo attachment. Hope that helps!


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Re: Regarding Forex rates

Thanks diana for your promptness. After studying your response regarding keystore and authentication i have a strong feeling that soon I am gonna get success. I will try that. 


Thanks for your advice.