CallBack URL Registration

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CallBack URL Registration

Hello All,


I am trying to get my URLs registered for callbacks. They've been pending approval for long time.


  1.  How can i get the URLs approved?
  2. Is there documentation/step-by-step video/ref-card that helps on how to register a callback url and working with it?

We're trying to develop a PoC in our organization, It would be of great help if someone could help on the same?

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Re: CallBack URL Registration



Thanks for being part of the community forum! Your approval is being reviewed by our product team. There's no set timeline on how long it takes for the product team to review the request, because the request is reviewed case by case. To setup the endpoint URL for the notification callback API. Go to configurations of the project that you have created. Click “Add Callback Configuration”. Then you will see the option to add the domain and the path.


Please refer to Getting Started with Visa Developer documentation provided below for callback URL information.


Getting Started with Visa Developer


Also, developer support is your point of contant so please send an email to and someone will be happy to provide you with assistance.


Thank you,




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