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Hi All,

 Could someone share experience with Go to Live? How long does approving take? We created a project, test it with some test data, fill out info about the project and our company.  It was done about a month ago - there is no answer from Visa. 


2. Will Visa send an email with rejection or with requesting addition info? 

Or if we don't receive an answer a long time - it means that a project was rejection?

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Go to Live

Hi @Milioner,


After you submit the Going Live request, it gets reviewed by our product team. There is no set timeline on how long it takes for the product team to review the request, because the request is reviewed case by case. Please know that once the product team approves the Going Live request, you will be provided with a set of instructions for you to follow. 


The Visa production team will create and provide you with a set of credentials/certificates when your project gets promoted into production mode. To learn more about the Going Live process, please navigate to the links provided below.
Support > Frequently Asked Questions > What does “Going Live” mean?
Going Live with Visa Developer Project > After Going Live
If your Going Live submission gets rejected then you will receive an email from the production team.


If you do not hear from someone, please do not hesitate to reach out to developer@visa.com, and someone will send a follow up email to the production team and request a status update on your Going Live submission.





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Re: Go to Live

Thank you very much Diana.