Re: Price?


Re: Price?

whatever the cost is it's giving me so much benefits that when i see the service i dont get worried about the price. At least i dont really feel tensed about things with visa. You should go with it if you want to spend your time tension free.

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Re: Price?

No, it does not make sense.

Actually, I checked this page before post here:

No such pricing in the world, and it is actually not pricing, it should be called hidden fees.

Case by case? Oh, forget it, I do not think Visa can handle all of this kind of thing until you have real clear pricing.

What is pricing ? Clear statement and presentation, and can be measured and calculated on costing in accounting, no matter how the service is complicated, complex, and comprehensive. Technically, every api call can be calculated and measured.

Reasons why we care about your pricing:

1# no hidden fees.

2# if we develop an complex platform like stripe, we need know the basis pricing so that we can set our pricing for our customers.

3# if we no dot develop platform, but develop a plugin for woocommerce to collect payment from shoppers, and sell the plugin on codecanyon, we need clear show the visa pricing page or url, otherwise, who will pay for it?

As a developer, we all know it is complex, but collect payment, exchange or currency convert, payout, all of process and api call can, and should be clearly listed on visa pricing page, only this way , developers can be get involved.
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Re: Price?

We appreciate your feedback, @Alexli. We have passed this along to our team and an agent will follow up with you as soon as possible. -Jenn