Donation button Visa Checkout

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Donation button Visa Checkout

I need help for the integration visa checkout in my page web for donation through the donation button.
this donation it will be transferred for the bank account the foundation


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Re: Donation button Visa Checkout

Hey @MestreM4x,


Great to hear you're interested in signing up for a Visa Checkout business account.  To use Visa Checkout, you will have to have a Merchant Service Provider. Visa Checkout doesn't act as a Payment Gateway, Payment Processor, or Merchant Service Provider: it simply is a digital payment service designed to simplify the checkout experience using a secure, single sign-on across channels and devices using a customer's preferred payment method and works with your existing payment ecosystem.


If you'd like to use Visa Checkout, please reach out to one of our Partners to integrate with Visa Checkout: 




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Re: Donation button Visa Checkout

Hello @MestreM4x ,


One way to implement your desired functionality is to use one of the methods provided by

Some of these methods, including Accept Hosted and Accept.js, enable the easy creation of hosted payment pages that greatly reduce your PCI compliance burden. If you would like any help with the actual implementation, please contact us, as we have successfully completed hundreds of custom Visa and CyberSource solutions.

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