Integration of debit and credit card into remittance app


Integration of debit and credit card into remittance app


We're currently building a remittance solution via GSMA mobile money API, however, we are facing a bottle neck. GSMA Mobile Money API don't present any option for debit /credit card integration to allow user to remit funds using a debit/credit card...Do you have a solution and most precisely a use case of interaction between a remittance application and a visa API for debit/credit cards?


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Re: Integration of debit and credit card into remittance app

Hey @Pindravisa,


That's a good question and I'm happy to help. Per your use case on remittances, I would recommend you to take a look at Visa Direct, B2B Virtual Account Payment Method, or Foreign Exchange Rates APIs. 


Visa Direct's real-time payment capabilities open up new, more convenient payment experiences for many difference use cases, including sending remittances. Visa Direct Overview -


The B2B Virtual Account Payment Method can benefit both issuers and their commercial clients as well as third parties organizations. It allows additional functionality to be incorporated into payment flows through the use of automation.  The value of the B2B Virtual Account method includes: 
○ Automate payables processing.
     § Submit payment instructions to meet their payment needs.
     § Automatically generate and distribute supplier payment remittances.

B2B Virtual Account Payment Method Overview -


The Foreign Exchange Rates API allows you to provide a source amount and a source and destination currency pair and get back the source amount converted into the destination currency using Visa's daily foreign exchange rates. This API can be very useful whenever you are building a project that requires working with multi-currency or cross-border transactions, such as cross-border remittances or person-to-person money transfers.

Foreign Exchange Rates Overview - 


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