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Provition Token



What is the format of the encrypted payment instrument while giving input to the provision token with PAN ( API)? 


Is this a JSON that needs to be used to make a JWE or a delimited string of some kind ?




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Re: Provition Token



Thanks for posting your question. For information on provision token, please click or navigate to the following links below.


Visa Token Service > API Reference > Provision Token


Visa Token Service > API Reference > Provision Token Given PAN Enrollment ID


Please note that, you don't have to use a BLOB with the API you are referring to because it is not needed. It is not needed because you already know the Enrollment ID. The Enrollment ID is used to obtain the token, therefore there is no need to create another.


Please click or navigate to the link below for a BLOB description. I also included the BLOB description below.


Visa Token Service > API Reference > Enroll PAN


BLOB description:

"BLOB field (URL safe base 64 encoded) that represents the encrypted payload for payment instrument. (See Encrypted Payment Instrument). Format: JSON Web Encryption using shared secret made available at time of onboarding. Encrypted Blob of all Payment instrument details. Payment instrument contains: accountNumber, cvv2, last4, name, billingAddress, expirationDate. Please see the note below regarding internationalization support for encPaymentInstrument."


Please note: In the BLOB description above, it also states that additional information will be made available at the time of on-boarding.


I hope this information was helpful!


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