Re: React Native Visa Checkout Usage to send payments

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React Native Visa Checkout Usage to send payments

Hi all,

I plan to use VISA checkout in my react-native app. We have integrated the mobile SDK for iOS and are using react-native-visa-checkout (an npm package) to create a bridge between native modules in Xcode and my JavaScript application. Minus a few problems with the library that I'm currently working on, my question is: Once a consumer of my mobile app's payment gateway uses Visa checkout to buy a product for like $20, how do I send that $20 to the actual seller of the product's VISA account. The visa checkout functionality only takes the buyer's VISA information to allow them to make a payment. Where exactly does that money go? Do I have to use VISA Direct in conjunction with VISA checkout? 

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Re: React Native Visa Checkout Usage to send payments



Great Question.  You can get a test Client ID and test data from the Project Console for testing your integration with Visa Checkout in the sandbox. To use Visa Checkout in production, you must apply and be approved for a Visa Checkout Merchant Services account. Contact for more information or to begin the production onboarding process.


Please refer to the requirements in implementing Visa Checkout in the below link. Details on Service Activation, working with processor or PSP or creating a relationship with a Visa Checkout partner are detailed in the below link.


Please let me know if you have any further quesitons.




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hi does anyone where is the mvisaqrparser sdk i cannot seem to find it

can someone provide a link thank you very much