Realtime balance change and transactions query


Realtime balance change and transactions query

Hi, community,


I am working with a company where we are aiming to make an easy money transfer solution for country in Africa (like Nigeria, Ghana), based what I have understood so far from the API (especially the ios SDK) there's a p2p mechanism, but what I still didn't see or find is the possibility to see the query the user balance or further to have a realtime update callback when the user balance change. so my question is, does Visa provide such a mechanism? The last question, Does visa offer API (preferably mobile SDK) to query user past transactions?

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Re: Realtime balance change and transactions query

Hey @yveslym,

For your use case on P2P, I would recommend you to use Visa Direct. For all your questions in this forum post, can you please confirm that your questions are all related to the product functionality of the Visa Direct API?


Visa Direct provides Originators (financial institutions and eligible third parties such as person-to-person payment service providers, merchants, corporations, and other payment service providers) with a way to connect to Visa, get access to information, and push payments directly onto Visa cards. A push payment is a financial transaction that adds funds to (in the form of a credit) a designated Visa account. As an Originator, the Visa Direct APIs provide you with a means to initiate a push payment from within your own web, mobile, ATM, corporate systems, or branch platforms. Push payments enable many consumer- and business-facing applications, including person-to-person money transfers as well as corporate, government and merchant disbursements.


Visa Direct contains three distinct APIs that you can use to create services that incorporate push payments. Each of these APIs is described in more detail in the following sections.


  • The Funds Transfer API includes operations to pull funds from a Visa Card, push funds to a Visa card, and return funds to a Visa card in the event that a push funds transaction fails.
  • The Mobile Push Payment API has been optimized for mobile-to-mobile card-less merchant payments.
  • The Watch List Screening API provides Originators who are building cross-border services with a means to prescreen sender information against the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially-Designated Nationals (SDN) sanctions list.




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