Surcharge support for outside USA


Surcharge support for outside USA

Under push transfer in above link, the attribute Surcharge states that it is only supported in the USA.

Under pull transfer, the attribute Surcharge does not state this limitation.


Question: Am I correct to assume that the limitation only pertains to Surcharge in the context of a push funds transfer and that such a limitation does not apply to a pull transaction?

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Re: Surcharge support for outside USA



Thanks for participating in the Visa Developer Community by posting forum questions and answers. When it comes to Visa Direct API questions, I'd really like to work on helping you out. However, the information that you see publicly available for Visa Direct APIs is currently all that's being shared to the public. That's because there's some really important information on the Visa Direct documentation that's located in the first few paragraphs and highlighted in yellow, that discuss Visa Direct requirements. These requirements are essential to developers that would like to implement Visa Direct APIs into their business project and, if the requirements are met, the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire needs to be filled out and submitted to the email address listed on that form.


Can you please confirm that you meet the requirements and have submitted the questionnaire? 


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