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VTC callback on every transaction



I know how to set callback for every declined transaction in Transaction Control Document, but is there any way to receive information about every transaction (declined and accepted)?

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Re: VTC callback on every transaction

Hey @PawelW,


Using the Authorization Decision API
The Authorization Decision API is used to send transaction data for non-Visa processed transactions to VTC. VTC will respond with a recommendation to "Decline" or "Decision Accordingly" based on the cardholder's VTC settings. The issuer is responsible for making the authorization decision and then sending that back to VTC for use in alert messaging.


The Transaction Controls Authorization Decision API supports the following functions:

  • Requests a decision on a pending transaction.
  • Updates the state of a decision based on the actual authorization decision made by the issuer.
  • Retrieves the details of a specific decision. 
  • Retrieves a paginated list of previous decisions filtered by card. 
  • Retrieves a paginated list of the most recent decisions. 

The technical details of each operation can be found on the Documentation tab.


For information on Visa Transaction Controls please go here -




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