Visa Checkout (3 digit security Code/CVV/CVV2)


Visa Checkout (3 digit security Code/CVV/CVV2)

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I am using GetPaymentInfo api calll of Visa Checkout. I got all the encrypted consumer payload, decrypted it to get all the details. However, I am unable to see the 3 digit Security Code (CVV). I need it, because my website uses it for further processing of the payment. Please let me know, if you guys have a way to provide that otherwise the customer would have to type it in even after logging into Visa Checkout and coming back to the website. Everything would have been auto-filled except 3 digit security code, which to me seems a bit tideous. Please let me know, any help would be much appreciated.



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Re: Visa Checkout (3 digit security Code/CVV/CVV2)

Hi @suresh,


That's a good question! Have you had a chance to read our Visa Checkout Integration Guide? I'd like to share the following information with you that I believe you'll find useful.


Card Security Code Usage
Visa Checkout performs a verification of the Card Security Code for each card added to a Visa Checkout transaction. Similar to a "card on file" scenario, the validation is performed once, without re-verifying the Card Security Code during each use of the card.


Important: Never collect from consumers their CVV2, CVN, CVC2, CID or any other such security feature for card not present transactions (collectively, called Card Security Codes) separate and apart from Visa’s collection of the same via the checkout experience with the Visa Checkout Services unless you have Visa’s express written consent to do so or your collection of the Card Security Code is specifically required by Visa's Rules. You must never store Card Security Codes. You are encouraged to implement best practices in regards to risk management for Visa Checkout transactions as you would for any other e-Commerce transaction. Because the Card Security Code has been validated for the Visa Checkout payment method being used, a historical “match” response should be assumed.


Currently, card brands supported by Visa Checkout do not downgrade interchange based on the absence of a Card Security Code for "card not present" transactions. You should check with your acquirer or processor to determine whether they have any policies or fees specific to your contract related to authorizations that do not contain a Card Security Code.


Typically, the Card Security Code in a response is optional information that can be included in a re-presentment. However, whether a Card Security Code is required to reverse a particular chargeback may depend on the card brand. Merchants are encouraged to speak directly with their acquirer to understand the chargeback re-presentment rules and reversal criteria for a specific card brand. 


Additionally, there's some really good information to be found in our PDFs on security code and CVV. Please visit the link below.


PDFs for Merchants Integrating with Visa Checkout






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