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For the DPS Card and Account Services

The Card Services API supports the following functions:

  • Retrieves unique card ID for Primary Account Number (PAN), account alias IDs for accounts and balance information for all accounts
  • Retrieves and updates card status for a given card ID
  • Performs card verification and verifies if information presented by user is valid
  • Retrieves cardholder details for a given cardId
  • Retrieves notification configuration and subscription information for a given cardId
  • Updates notification settings and subscriptions for a given cardId
  • Retrieves transaction history for a given cardId
  • Retrieves fees for different types of transfers
  • Enables cardholders to perform funds transfers, such as transfers within an account and immediate load for debit and prepaid cards

Where these functions are based on a given cardId, one way would be to get Notification Subscriptions for all of your cardIds, which includes the following optional notification variables with the associated notificationID:


TextMessageReminder = -2, 
TextMessageOptInActivationNotice = -1,
DailyAvailableBalance_Text = 1, 
ApprovedPendingTransactions_Text = 2, 
DeclinedTransactions_Text = 3, 
ValueLoad_Text = 4, 
ChangeOfCardStatus_Text = 5, 
LowBalance_Text = 6, 
FundsTransferRequested_Text = 7, 
CardholderProfileDataUpdated_Text = 8, 
AdultOrientedPurchase_Text = 9, 
PendingDeposit_Text = 10, 
DailyAvailableBalance_Email = 1083,
ApprovedPendingTransactions_Email = 1084, 
DeclinedTransactions_Email = 1085,
ValueLoad_Email = 1086, 
ChangeOfCardStatus_Email = 1087, 
LowBalance_Email = 1088,
FundsTransferRequested_Email = 1089, 
CardholderProfileDataUpdated_Email = 1090,
AdultOrientedPurchase_Email = 1091, 
PendingDeposit_Email = 1106, 
DailyAvailableBalance_PushNotification = 2001, ApprovedPendingTransactions_PushNotification = 2002, DeclinedTransactions_PushNotification = 2003,
ValueLoad_PushNotification = 2004,
ChangeOfCardStatus_PushNotification = 2005,
LowBalance_PushNotification = 2006,
FundsTransferRequested_PushNotification = 2007, CardholderProfileDataUpdated_PushNotification = 2008, 
PendingDeposit_PushNotification = 2010



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Re: Visa DPS Transaction Feed

Thank Nexus_Software for your help, however even if I enabled all of the notifications I still wouldn't necessarily get any of them when a transaction occurred.  The notifications are based off specific conditions that act as triggers - low balance, change of card status, etc.  In most cases I would never get any notifications from the card.  Even if there was a way to get a notification when a transaction occurred I would have to get all of the transaction history again and figure out which transactions are new (ie I haven't looked at them).  


Re: Visa DPS Transaction Feed