Cryptographi error

Cryptographi error

Hi all, I'm trying to make an api call "" and it's giving me the response "{errorResponse":{"status":400,"message":"VSE_ERROR_CRYPTOGRAPHY_ERROR","reason":"VSE40010"}}".

Any idea about the meaning of this error?

In my local tests, I can decrypt sent data without problems

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Re: Cryptographi error

Hi, @MarceloCavalini. Thank you for reaching out! An agent will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community member knows the solution, please reply here. -Jenn


Re: Cryptographi error

Hi Jenn, thank you and sorry for my late answer.

Please help me with one doubt, the data that I will send to visa needs to be encrypted with visa public keys, right?

I asked my visa contact to send me the visa public keys that if I'm not wrong it is necessary to encrypt data to send to visa, and he told me that visa doesn't have public keys and sent me only the certificate. 

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Re: Cryptographi error

Hi @MarceloCavalini


Since your questions is regarding Visa Token Service, please email so a Visa Representative may assist you further.