MLE for Visa Direct

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MLE for Visa Direct


I'm trying to encrypt a payload (MLE) for Visa Direct API.

I generated the Key-ID and added the CSR, got my private key (pem file), server encryption certificate (pem file) and client certificate file (pem file).

All good so far.

As far as I understand, the public key for encryption should be a p12 file, generated from my private key (which I got when I added the CSR for MLE) and from the server certificate file (which I downloaded from MLE credentials) .

But when I ran the OpenSSL pkcs12 command, I got this error:

unable to load certificates

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Re: MLE for Visa Direct

Hi, @davinicii223. Welcome to the community, and thank you for reaching out. Our agent is looking into this and will get back to you with a potential solution. -Jenn

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Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: MLE for Visa Direct

Hi @davinicii223,


Please refer to the MLE Encryption Guide page for all the details on Key-ID, CSR generation with Open SSL, etc.


Did you select the option for VDP to generate a CSR for you or did you select to submit your own CSR? If you are submitting your own CSR, the UID value should be the Key-ID.


If you are still getting the error, please share the Open SSL command that you are using.



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