App sponsor name and BID


App sponsor name and BID

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We are new to VISA and We sent and enquiry to VISA about using their APIs for a payment gateway. They sent a form to us and We do not quite understand some questions. For example they asked "App sponsor name and BID" can someone help us explaining to us what we write there?

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Re: App sponsor name and BID

Hi @Tronica,


Is your query about the Visa Direct API?


To answer your questions, Visa assigns the BID to its clients. The BID is a number through which Visa bills their clients. To receive a BID, you will have to become a Visa client. To receive a Visa BID, you will need to create a project, submit the project for review and once the project is approved then VISA will assign the BID to you. You should not have to give us a BID if you do not have an existing business relationship with Visa.


If the form is for Visa Direct, the App Sponsor name would be the sponsoring bank that will control the entire BIN Sponsorship process. You can get BIN through issuing banks/acquiring banks. To get an App Sponsor, you can contact a Visa licensed acquirer, and tell them you're looking for a Visa Direct acquirer. That is because not all Visa licensed acquirers are enabled to sponsor Visa Direct programs.



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