Charging comission per transfer


Charging comission per transfer

Hey there, i am new to payment gateways, and I am currently exploring options for setting up a payment gateway where I can facilitate transactions between users and businesses or organizers, and charge a commission for each transfer and if there is a way to integrate this with my node application, i know there are apis, but i wanted to know if this is possible using visanet.

Thank you

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Re: Charging comission per transfer

Hi @juliogu81, Thank you for reaching out. One of our agents will get back to you soon. Until then, if any community members have information that may help, please reply to this thread.

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Re: Charging comission per transfer

Hi @juliogu81,


You can view the Payment API products by visiting the Browse All Products page and filtering your search by Capabilities. You can choose an API product that fits your use case. 



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