Currency Exchange with Visa Direct Transactions

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Currency Exchange with Visa Direct Transactions


I wanted to know if I'm initiating payment from Visa direct and use my Indian bank (INR) card to send money to US bank (USD) account/card. How will the currency exchange happen? Does Origination bank do the currency exchange or is it the Receiving institution or does Visa do the currency exchange while send the money to US bank account/card?

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Hey @SujaySN,


I'm happy to help. After reviewing your question, it appears that you are using your Indian bank (INR) card. If that's the case, please note that this platform is for the developer community, banks and merchants to build solutions with our APIs. However, you are welcome to create an account and experiment in the sandbox environment.


If I've misunderstood, and you are a developer looking to build a solution for your customers, please navigate to this link to get started. 





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