Java Sample code outdated?

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Java Sample code outdated?

Hi I'm getting started with this.

I checked out the Sample Code provided for Java but I found some weird errors.
First in failed because there was an error in PullfundspostPayload class mapping as it failed because request it was not a recognized field in mapping. 
Then I tried next test and it failed because MultipushfundspostResponse response class was not correctly extracted to Java object


org.springframework.web.client.RestClientException: Could not extract response: no suitable HttpMessageConverter found for response type [class] and content type [application/octet-stream;charset=UTF-8]


Looks like the sample Request or responses are not updated? Am I missing something?
If it's the case,  there is some newer version of it? 

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Re: Java Sample code outdated?

Hey @jmtalarn,


To resolve the issue, can you start writing the sample code with an API tool such as SoapUI, Postman or VDC Playground and then try using your own knowledge of rest calls in your code? Usually the error is because the object is not a valid request of response objects anymore. The mapping is incorrect and the sample code is outdated. 


You can use Postman , SOAP UI or VDP Playground tool to test the APIs. Please see user guides below for respective tools.


Postman – 




VDP Playground –





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